Wings - Walloon INnovations for Green Skies

2035 Low carbon airplane
2050 0 carbon airplane

At the end of 2020, nineteen walloon companies joined forces to conduct research aimed at furthering the ecological and digital transition of the aeronautics sector and thereby actively contribute to the EU’s “green deal”.

The partners’ aim is to draw on their expertise to meet this ambitious eu objective by putting a lowcarbon aircraft into service in 2035 and a carbon-free aircraft in 2050.

Our R&D themes

For an ambitious and sustainable aeronautics industry
Aerostructure WP 1
Next generationmoving parts
«Plug & Fly» wing leading edges
Next generation de-icing systems
Systems integratedinto the structure
Propulsion WP 2
Ultra-efficient propulsion
Carbon neutrality - hydrogen propulsion
Engine test facilities
Communication systems WP 3
State of the art technologies and needs for future aircraft
Future digital communications architecture
On-board digital connectivity
Air-to-air / air-to-ground connectivity
Cyber protection
Safety and airworthiness

Our commitment

2035 Low carbon To achieve the 2035 objectives :
  • Ultra Efficient Aircraft
  • -30% Fuel Burn per passenger - kilometer
  • Increase in sustainable fuels
2050 Zero carbon En 2050 :
  • Aircraft of the future
  • -40% Fuel Burn per passenger - kilometer
  • 100% sustainable fuels
Founded and supported
by Wallonia
Supported by Skywin
Willy Borsus Vice-President Wallonia

Wallonia has a large number of companies that work in the aeronautics industry, a real network of technological, innovative and proactive companies. It is essential that Walloon aeronautical companies are given the means to pursue their research projects aimed at decarbonising the aviation sector and strengthen their position in relation to the competition.

The WINGS project is an innovation-oriented partnership between 19 companies, research organisations and approved research centres, involving highly ambitious research aimed at ensuring the success of the sector’s ecological and digital transition. This project should position Wallonia on the world map of green aviation (or low-carbon aviation).

Jacques Smal President of Skywin

The Walloon aeronautics sector is focusing firmly on the future by developing technological leadership in the field of lightweight structures and engine efficiency, while contributing to the European dynamic aimed at aircraft hybridisation and the use of new types of fuels.

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